Vicki Feinn


Homeschooling, perseverance in trials, faith and prayer, sanity in parenting.

Marketplace ministry: Trusting God as a business owner. Having a missional outlook is something Vicki and her husband have been working hard to foster in their children and she shares tips and treasures about this as well. Her two youngest children, (age 13 & 9) recently raised $35,000 to fund a renovation on a hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo by baking cakes for people that donated. Perseverance in trials: Vicki's parents suffered a tragic fire in which they lost three children. Vicki and her husband have faced many long term trials as well but she shares a message of hope and faith in Jesus through difficult times. One of the topics which is very dear to Vicki is "hanging in when your husband is hanging by a thread". Faith and prayer: Vicki has started a prayer group called "The Gap Sisters". She shares insights and guidance for personal growth in the area of faith and prayer. Prayer is Vicki's favorite topic. If your church would like to start a "Gap Sisters Group" (Gap stands for God Answers Prayer), Vicki is happy to give guidance on this subject. Sanity in Parenting: With 6 children - 4 of which are boys, Vicki has many practical words of wisdom as well as some funny stories to share with your group.


  • Radio Interview
    (Interview with Erin Campbell aired on Water through the Word Broadcasting)